If a landlord wants to end a tenancy, they must serve a valid written Notice of Termination and the Notice of Termination should be attached to the RTB Notice of Termination Return form.  From 6 July 2022, there is a requirement for the landlord to send a copy of all Notices of Termination to the RTB on the same day as the notice is served on the tenant. The Notice of Termination will be deemed invalid if this requirement is not met.  

It can be emailed to NoticeofTermination@rtb.ie or posted to the Residential Tenancies Board, PO Box 47 Clonakilty, Co. Cork. If posting, the RTB recommends using certified post to ensure landlords have proof of the date the RTB was sent the copy of the Notice of Termination. Landlords should retain copies and proof of postage for their records. 

Sample Notices of Termination for Landlords

Landlords can serve a valid written 90-day Notice of Termination providing no reason to a tenant within the first 6 months of a tenancy. If a fixed term lease has been signed, landlords must check to see that this right was included in the terms of the tenancy. If the fixed term lease does not include this term, then the landlord can no longer rely on this right.


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A Statutory Declaration must accompany this notice.

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A Statutory Declaration must accompany this notice

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Sample Notices of Termination for Tenants

Remedial Notices

Remedial Notices of Termination aid landlords and tenants as they can now remedy the original notice served to fix the defect identified by the adjudicator or Tribunal by serving a new notice (the ‘remedial notice’). 

Following the conclusion of a case with the RTB, if determined by the decision maker, a landlord or tenant shall be permitted to serve the remedial notice within 28 days of the issue of the Determination Order. Where the correct notice period was provided for in the originally served notice then a landlord or tenant can proceed to serve a 28-day remedial notice. Where an incorrect notice period was supplied within the original notice of termination a landlord or tenant must serve 28 days plus the number of days the original notice of termination was short within their remedial notice. 


  • Landlord intends to serve a notice providing a tenant with 180 days notice. 
  • The landlord serves the notice on 01/12/2018. 
  • The date of service is the date the landlord last had the notice of termination in their control, e.g. the date they posted it or the date they handed it to the tenant. 
  • The notice period starts from the date after the date of service - In this case 02/12/2018  
  • 02/12/2018 plus 180 days = 31/05/2019  
  • Landlord in this case sets the termination date as the 28/05/2019. 
  • Tenant receives the notice and lodges a case with the RTB. Notice ruled invalid and Determination Order issued.   
  • Within 28 days of the issue of the Determination Order the Landlord is now entitled to serve a 28 day + the 3 days he was short = 31 days’ notice

Payment plan letters

Notice of Termination Return Form