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Board members

The role of the RTB Board is to provide strategic direction and oversight for the organisation. The Board sets strategic objectives, which the Director and the Executive team deliver, and the Board makes key strategic and expenditure decisions on business matters as they arise.

The Board consists of a Chairperson and up to 11 ordinary members who are appointed by the Minister for Housing, Local Government & Heritage. The members of the Board were appointed for varying periods and meet on a monthly basis. See list of current board members below.


The Board is assisted in its oversight role by a number of Board Committees which are comprised of Board members and external members with subject matter expertise in the Committees’ respective areas of responsibility.

These Committees are charged by the Board with in-depth consideration of certain matters and they provide advice to help with Board decision-making. The minutes of Board Committee meetings are circulated to the Board to keep it informed of the work of the Committees.

Board Committees are periodically reviewed by the Board to consider their effectiveness against their terms of reference.

Currently, the Board has the following Board Committees in place:

The Audit and Risk Committee provides an independent appraisal structure to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the RTB’s s risks, governance and internal control procedures and its financial reporting framework. It performs these functions as set out in its terms of reference and makes recommendations to the Board, where required.

  • Catherine Comer 
  • James Doorley
  • Paul Dunne (Chair)
  • Colin Potts 

The Research Committee provides strategic direction and oversight for the development and delivery of the RTB research programme.

  • Audry Deane
  • James Doorley 
  • Paddy Gray 
  • Alan Martin 

The role of the ICT Governance Committee is to provide oversight and assurance to the RTB Board on the governance and delivery of ICT-related projects and to provide guidance and expertise on the RTB’s ICT-related strategic objectives.