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What is a Fixed Term Tenancy?

A fixed term tenancy is one where the parties have agreed will last for a specified length of time e.g. 1 year. Usually when agreeing to a fixed term tenancy, the parties sign a lease agreement. 


What is a Part 4 Tenancy? 

A ‘Part 4’ tenancy runs alongside a fixed term tenancy, which means that the tenant shall, after a period of six months living in the tenancy, become entitled to the provision of a ‘Part 4’ tenancy. 

This means that irrespective of the length of a fixed term lease, a tenant has an entitlement to remain in the dwelling for the remainder of the ‘Part 4’ period and the landlord can only end the tenancy on limited grounds.   

The length of a ‘Part 4’ tenancy period depends on when your tenancy began. Please click here for further details on ‘Part 4’ tenancies. 

Click here for further details on ‘Part 4’ tenancies.

Ending a Fixed Term Tenancy 

Fixed term tenancies may be ended by the landlord before the end of the fixed term if any of the following applies;