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While rented properties must comply with certain legal minimum standards and fire safety regulations, it is the responsibility of Local Authorities to ensure compliance with same.

All landlords must ensure their properties are fully compliant with fire safety and minimum standards regulations for rental properties

If a tenant believes their property does not comply with minimum standards, they should first discuss this with the landlord. If the tenant and landlord cannot resolve this informally, they should contact the RTB for more information on their rights and responsibilities.

Local authorities are responsible for enforcing minimum standards. If the property is below the minimum standards and the landlord refuses to carry out repairs as required the tenant can ask their local authority to carry out an inspection.

Minimum Standards Include:

For a summary of the Minimum Standards and Fire Safety Guidance for private landlords download the Guide below.

If you are an Approved Housing Body, for a summary of the Minimum Standards and Safety Guidance download the Guide below.

Breach of Minimum Standards:

If a tenant feels their rented dwelling is in breach of the minimum standards legislation; the tenant should notify the landlord in writing of the issues, and give them a reasonable period of time in which to rectify the situation. If the problem persists after the period of time has passed the tenant may submit an application for dispute resolution to the RTB.

Please note the enforcement of Minimum Standards for rental accommodation is dealt with by the various Local Authorities. Where a tenant believes that the dwelling is substandard, they can contact their Local Authority and request that an inspection be carried out. Any subsequent enforcement, arising from the inspection, against a landlord who fails to comply with the Housing (Standards for Rented Housing) Regulations is a matter for the Local Authorities.

Claims regarding minimum standards include the following