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When should you submit an application for  Dispute Resolution Services?  

When should you submit information to  Investigations and Sanctions?

Summary Difference between the processes?

Dispute Resolution Services


Investigations & Sanctions

What matters can be referred to the RTB for dispute resolution? 

The following matters can be referred to the RTB for dispute resolution:   

What can Investigations and Sanctions investigate?  

Investigations and Sanctions can investigate 9 types of breaches of rental law. These 9 breaches are called improper conducts and they include:  

The full list of improper conducts and more information on them can be found here 

If the issue you have experienced is NOT one of these 9 improper conducts, Investigations & Sanctions cannot investigate it but it may still be open to you to apply for dispute resolution. 

The Investigations and Sanction Powers of the RTB commenced on 1st July 2019 so the RTB cannot investigate improper conduct which occurred before this date.