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Guide to Disputes Resolution

This page provides information on how to apply to the RTB for Dispute Resolution services.

Dispute Application Form

Using our webform you can submit a dispute resolution application

RTB Dispute Outcomes

You can search previous RTB outcomes and Determination Orders for Adjudications and Tribunals.

Submitting a complaint vs submitting a dispute

This webpage is to assist users in knowing when to submit an application for Dispute Resolution Services and when to submit information to Investigations and Sanctions.

How to apply for Dispute Resolution Services

This page provides information on how to apply to the RTB for Dispute Resolution services.

Guide to Mediation

Mediation is a prioritised service provided by the RTB which has proven to be a speedy, flexible and highly successful way to solve even the most complex of issues between Landlords, Tenants and Third Parties.

Guide to Adjudication

Adjudication is a formal process whereby an appointed adjudicator makes a decision, based on evidence presented by both parties, on the issue of dispute. The decision of the adjudicator is binding, and results in a Determination Order being issues to both

Guide to Tribunals

Following a mediation or adjudication hearing, if any party is unhappy with the outcome, they have the right to appeal to a Tenancy Tribunal.

Preparing for a Tribunal

On this page will give you will find information on Tribunals and how to prepare for them as well as Tribunals scheduled for the coming week.

Search for Tribunal Reports

Tribunal decisions can provide examples as to how Tribunal hearings are conducted and how decisions are reached.

Appeals Process

This page provides information on how to appeal a mediation or adjudication decision.

Enforcement of Determination Orders

This page provides information on the RTBs Enforcement of Determination Orders