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Tenant Rights

Under legislation a tenant has the right to: 

Tenant Responsibilities 

The person who rents the property is a tenant. While renting a property, a tenant is responsible for:

For a full overview of both landlord and tenant rental rights and responsibilities, download the Good Landord Tenant Guide in the download section below.

Moving in Checklist

It is a good idea to take photographs of the property before the commencement of a new tenancy, and if possible date them.  Similarly, photos should be taken before moving out of the dwelling. This is important should a dispute arise regarding the condition of the property when the tenancy ends    

It is important to know the name of the landlord.  If dealing with an agent, a tenant is entitled to the full name and contact details of the landlord(s) under the Housing Rent Book Regulations Act 1993.  Even if dealing with an agent or landlord representative throughout a tenancy, in the event of a dispute, the tenant can only refer an application for dispute resolution against the landlord. Check the RTB database of dispute resolution outcomes here

In general in the first six months of a tenancy the landlord or tenant can terminate without a reason but this cannot be done in a fixed term tenancy. Tenants cannot terminate a fixed term lease unless the landlord has not agreed to assign or sublet the tenancy.

The landlord should provide the tenant with their contact details or the contact details of any agent working on their behalf.

We recommend that tenants and landlords search the RTB database for all dispute outcomes before renting a property.