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Freedom of Information


How to make a Freedom of Information request?

A request for information under the Freedom of Information Act must be made in writing. It should indicate that the information is being sought under the Freedom of Information Act. 

The request should also be sufficiently clear for the RTB to identify the records sought and should include your contact details. If the RTB is not clear as to the records being sought we will contact you to seek clarification. RTB staff will be happy to assist you with your request and this may involve more than one clarification attempts. 

Subject to the exemptions provided for in the FOI Act, the RTB may decide to grant the request, part-grant the request, or refuse the request. The RTB will notify the requestor of the decision and will give reasons as to why a record may have been part-granted or refused. 

The RTB is not required to search for or provide non-personal records created on or before 21 April 2012. This does not apply to requests for personal information. If you are seeking personal information, please supply the appropriate photographic identification with your request e.g. copy of driving licence and utility bill. If you are requesting the personal information of another person, please state precisely, the person’s name and the type of records being requested. Requesters will not be provided with access to personal information of another person unless (where appropriate) prior written consent of the person to whom it relates has been obtained. This consent will be verified by the RTB before such a request is dealt with. 

Disclosure logs 

Please note that it is the policy of the RTB to publish FOI requests, under our disclosure log, on our website. The information displayed does not include any personal identification data. To view our disclosure log  for 2022, please click here. 

Please click below to view the disclosure logs for 2023.

FOI Disclosure Log Q1 2023

FOI Disclosure Log Q2 2023

FOI Disclosure Log Q3 2023

FOI Disclosure Log Q4 2023

Please click below to view the disclosure logs for 2024.


Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

The RTB publishes a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme as per Section 8(7) of the Freedom of Information Act 2014. To view the latest information please click here


Several sections of this website outline certain aspects of the FOI Act 2014. By doing this the RTB hopes to assist the public in making an FOI request. These pages are intended as a non-technical guide to certain aspects of the FOI Act 2014. They do not represent a legal interpretation and should not be taken as a definitive representation of anything contained in the FOI Act 2014.

Related Documents and Useful Links

For further information on Freedom of Information, please find some useful links below:

Freedom of Information Act

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Contact us

FOI Officer,
FOI Unit,
PO Box 12323,
Dublin 2,
0818 303037

Helpful Questions and Answers

Records can be in various formats, including but not limited to: 

  • paper documents; 

  • Information held electronically (on computer); 

  • and audio-visual material. 

The RTB will issue an acknowledgement letter to you within 10 working days (excluding Public Holidays) of your request being received. 

The next stages of the process will be clearly explained in the acknowledgement letter. 

A decision regarding your request will normally be issued by the RTB  within 20 working days of the receipt of your request. 

In some cases, an extension of time may be necessary to complete the decision. If this occurs while processing your request, the RTB  will contact you and explain this requirement. 


If you would like to appeal the decision made, you can do so by sending a request in writing by post or by emailing An internal review fee of €30 (€10 for medical card holders) is applicable when appealing a decision and this fee is to be sent with your written submission to the RTB . 

The appeal process will involve a full reassessment of your original FOI request at by a member of staff at a more senior level than the decision maker for the original FOI request. No internal review fee applies where the request sought access to your personal records. 

If, after the internal review, you are unsatisfied with the decision and you would like to appeal again, your appeal should be directed to the Office of the Information Commissioner. Further information can be found at 

There is no charge for submitting a request.

In respect of non-personal requests, other charges may be applied for the time spent finding records and for any reproduction costs incurred by the RTB FOI Unit in providing you with the material requested (search, retrieval and copying charges).

Where fees apply, the RTB will notify you in writing.

1. If you are claiming a reduced application fee, the request must be accompanied by the Medical Card registration number and your consent to the verification of these details with the Health Service Executive.

2. A full list of fees is available on request.

Payment Method:

  • Postal Order
  • Cheque Bank
  • Draft Payment

should be made payable to The Residential Tenancies Board.

Please see below FOI Disclosure Log For Quarter 1 2024