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February 21, 2024

RTB Data Publication Update - February 2024

As of 21 February 2024, the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has updated the Data Hub on the RTB website with information as per the RTB Publication Schedule for 2024, this update includes data for Q4 2023 on the following:

See summary of the updates together with some background information on the RTB’s Registration Process below.

Update to the RTB Data Hub           

Publication Schedule

One of the core public interest objectives of the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) is to provide reliable data and insights to inform policymakers and the public in general.

In keeping with this objective, a publication schedule for 2024 is now available on the RTB website.

The schedule provides transparency and clarity on when data updates will become available. This schedule will be updated periodically to reflect revised or additional publication dates. 

Dispute Resolution Service

The RTB is the statutory body with responsibility for providing a quasi-judicial Dispute Resolution service for the residential rental sector. This means that the RTB, within its limited jurisdiction, has the necessary powers required to mediate and, where necessary, adjudicate on rental disputes.

For more information on the RTB’s Dispute Resolution Service, please visit the RTB website.

Information on the applications for dispute resolution received by the RTB in Q4 2023 are now available on the Data Hub – click here to access the Data Hub. 


Rent Pressure Zone Exemption Notifications

Not all rented properties in RPZs are subject to rent caps (i.e. the restriction on rent increases to 2% per annum pro rata or the rate of HICP inflation, whichever is lower). Properties that are exempt from RPZ rent caps are as follows: 

  1. A property that has not been rented for a period of two years prior to the immediate tenancy commencement date; 
  2. A property that is a protected or proposed protected structure and has not been rented for the period of 12 months prior to the immediate tenancy commencement date; 
  3. A property that has undergone a 'substantial change in the nature of the accommodation'. 

Information on the number of RPZ Exemption notifications received by the RTB in Q4 2023 is now available on the Data Hub – click here to access the Data Hub.

Notices of Termination

The Notice of Termination (NoT) is the document, required under the law, which notifies a tenant of the ending of a tenancy. A landlord must give (also referred to as “serve”) the Notice to the tenant(s). A landlord must also send a copy of the NoT to the RTB on the same day as the notice is served on the tenant. 

Information on the number of NoTs received by the RTB in Q4 2023 is now available on the Data Hub - click here to access the Data Hub.

Background information on the RTB Registration Process

A very important function of the RTB is the maintenance of an accurate register of private residential, Approved Housing Body (AHB) and Student Specific Accommodation tenancies. The RTB operates three statutory processes through which landlords and letting agents, acting on behalf of landlords, can fulfil the registration requirements.

  1. Registration on the commencement of a tenancy (First Registration). Landlords or their agents are required to register each tenancy within one month of the tenancy being created and must ensure that the correct information in respect of tenants, landlord and dwelling, is entered. These tenancies may be in brand new housing or in existing houses or apartments which may or may not have been a rented dwelling in the past.
  2. Annual registration during a tenancy (Renewal Registration). Since 4 April 2022, all private landlords and Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) are also required to register all tenancies that fall within the remit of the RTB on an annual basis (renewal). These tenancies may be one or more years in existence. Where a tenancy is not renewed on time, it is removed from the RTB’s register.
  3. Registration of a “Further Part 4” tenancy. A “Further Part 4 tenancy” is one where the tenancy was created before 11 June 2022 and the tenant has been renting for at least 6 months and has not been served with a valid written notice of termination. A Further Part 4 tenancy confers additional rights on the tenant.

For more information on the RTB’s registration process, please visit the  RTB website.


Registration Volumes: Q4 2023

Landlords or their agents may register tenancies via the on the RTB website or by completed paper forms received by post.

During Q4 2023, and based on activity recorded in our registration system, the RTB received:

Further information on registration volumes can be found on the RTB Data Hub.

Important note:  The following must be noted in respect of these volumes: