Register a tenancy

This page provides guidance on how to register a tenancy using your RTB online account.

There are eight steps to register a tenancy online, click through each one and complete all those steps that are applicable to your tenancy.

The information required to register a tenancy can be found here.
Important information to note when registering a tenancy:

If you have more than one role type on your online account profile, e.g. landlord and agent, when you begin an application to register a tenancy you will need to select and confirm your role type within this tenancy. 

Receivers you will be asked for  

  • the receiver appointment date,  
  • if you are acting as the landlord or the agent, and
  • the revenue tax number associated with the receivership,

so you will need all these to hand when registering.

Landlords you will need your PPSN, Date of Birth, and to have the correct version of your name that matches your PPS record. 

Company Landlords will need the company’s CRO number. 

Agents you will need your PPSN/Company CRO, along with either of the above depending on who you are registering the tenancy on behalf of.  

Please note, first name, surname, PPS number and Date of Birth details for any individual, used when registering a tenancy must match the information on Department of Social Protection documents (such as Publics Services cards).

Is my organisation registered as either a company or a business?

If you would like to confirm if your organisation is registered as a company or a business please check out

You can search the name of your organisation here:

Are you seeking to create a foreign company account or to register tenancies where the landlord is a company that is registered either with the Central Bank of Ireland, Northern Ireland or abroad?

If so please provide us with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Company Registered address
  • Company Email address
  • Company Phone number
  • Admin users first name and surname
  • Admin users email address (please note this cannot be an email address which is already in use in our system)
  • Admin users correspondence address
  • Admin. users phone number

Completing Your Application

There is a helpful link on each address page to help you find the Eircode or you can search using the first line of an address.  

On the ‘Dwelling Details’ page there is a question that asks you “Is the tenancy ongoing?” with a tick box for either Yes or No. You only need to tick No here if the tenancy you are registering has ended. If you do tick No you will be asked for the date the tenancy ended and to select the reason it ended.  

There are three payment options available: 

  1. Card (debit or credit) 
  2. EFT via SEPA (bank transfer) - please be advised that the maximum value for SEPA payments is €4,000
  3. Paypal 

You will receive a receipt for your payment also which is stored in your new online account, which can be accessed by clicking the profile icon.  

Tenancies can only be registered once they come into existence, i.e. from the date the tenancy begins.

Further information on tenancy registration can be found here.

If a rented dwelling has more than two new tenancy registrations in a 12 month period, the third or subsequent registrations during that 12 month period will have no fee applied. This would happen where there was a lot of change in tenancies during a relatively short period.

In order to ensure that a landlord is charged the correct fee in the above scenario, there are a few steps to take on the RTB online registration system:

  1. In your registrations online account homepage, click on the button 'Link to an Existing Registration'.
  2. Follow the instructions to link the relevant tenancy to your online account which are provided here.
  3. Once all the relevant registrations for this dwelling are linked and visible in the ‘Manage Registrations’ page of your RTB online account, then you must close the current tenancy registration for that dwelling and proceed to register the new tenancy in the normal way.
  4. If all the conditions are met for ‘No Fee’ to be applied, this will be presented on the portal, and payment will not be required.

Eircode Requirement  

The RTB now require all tenancies being registered to have the correct Eircode applied to the address of the property. For more information click here