Registrations and Customer Services Up-date

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Registration and Customer Services Up-date

9 May 2022

The RTB continues to experience high volumes of calls, web-chat, and emails with respect to registration and we apologise for delays in responding to our customers.  We are receiving high volumes of paper registrations, and it is currently taking up to 10 days to data-input and complete the processing of these registrations.  We have a new RTB1 paper form since April, which you can download here.

Account Verification – Individual landlords

We had experienced issues impacting some customers in relation to PPS number and Date of Birth verification and a system fix was deployed last week which was successful and customers impacted will have seen their registrations being confirmed as ‘registered’.

Remember, for verification of a landlord’s account, we require the PPS number, the Date of Birth, and the name as held by the Department of Social Protection (DSP), as the verification comes through their system.  Please make sure that you are spelling the name the same way as on the DSP records.  Do not put in abbreviations like PJ, if the name is Patrick Joseph. 

When you are putting in tenants’ details into registration forms or online, it is not required to present PPS number and/or Date of Birth.  You can proceed to register without this information.  We would always strongly advise that you gather the PPS number of your tenant.

Annual Registration Information

Many of our calls are from landlords trying to understand annual registration and what it means for them.  Explanatory information is available here which you may find helpful. 

You can only complete an annual registration from one month before the tenancy commencement date anniversary. 

For Example:  If you have a tenancy with a tenancy commencement date of say 12 October 2020, you will be able to make the registration from 12 September 2022, and no sooner.  Please do not try to make such registrations earlier as our systems will prevent this, in accordance with the regulations.  Remember also not to send in paper applications more than one month in advance either.

If you are making a new registration or an annual registration, a transition period is currently in place, meaning that any new registration or annual registration, has a window for payment up until and including 3rd August 2022.

If you have received correspondence from the RTB, requesting that you make an annual registration, please follow through the instructions in this letter.

If it is the first time that you have engaged with the RTB’s new online system, there are some steps that you will need to take to verify your account.  To assist in this one-off account creation process, you may find the following information useful here.  If you are a business operating with a CRO-B number, please follow the instructions and go through the individual landlord route and quote your CRO-B number from there. 

Keeping Registrations up-to-date

As a landlord, if you have kept your correspondence details up-to-date, the RTB will either write to you, or email you, a month before the anniversary of the tenancy commencement date that the RTB holds.   For many landlords, there is no requirement to make an annual registration for many months yet.

  • For example, if a tenancy commenced on the 12th November 2019, the RTB will issue a reminder to you shortly after the 12th October 2022 and then you can make the registration.

If you have set up an online account, and you cannot see any of your tenancies in the area called ‘Manage Registrations’ then you will need to try to link these tenancies onto your account.  You will find further instructions here, but the key information you should have to hand are:

  • Email and Surname of landlord as registered previously.  You may have registered with a different email, so you can try against different emails to make the match.
  • If this isn’t successful, you will be presented with a form and you can attempt to link with information, such as RT number which you should have on any correspondence form the RTB, including the confirmation letter.

If you want to make an up-date to a tenancy that you hold, this can be done in two ways:

  • Go to  your online account, and click on the Manage Registration section.  You then can click the Edit/View button of the tenancy that you want to up-date.  You then move through the sections to find the changes that you want to make.  You must go all the way through the tenancy details then to confirm your changes.
  • e.g. Add Tenant or Remove Tenant
  • Change the rent amount
  • Complete a Tenancy Update Form which you can download from here and email this to  This will take up to three weeks to process at present, but once you have sent the form via email, then the RTB has the evidence of the change requested and will then modify your registration as requested. 

There is no fee for an up-date to an existing registration.

The Customer Services Team