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May 07, 2024 

RTB Launches Virtual Agent: Customer Update May 2024

The RTB has introduced a new Virtual Agent chat function to help assist with customer queries. The new RTB Virtual Agent is a conversational AI automation tool that provides relevant information sourced from the RTB’s website to a customers query in real time.  

In some instances were matters cannot be handled by RTB’s Virtual Agent the customer will be transferred to a live agent or the customer will be directed to make contact with the RTB via the email inbox that best relates to their query or request.  

Matters of a serious nature such as illegal eviction will always be escalated to a live customer agent during RTB office hours from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.  

It is hoped that the introduction of this chat function will promote better engagement and support for our customers, reduce wait times, increase customer satisfaction while also allowing the customer to provide valuable feedback to the RTB. 

The RTB performs an administrative function and is impartial, meaning we cannot offer advice, but can provide general information and guidance in relation to customer queries. 

Currently the RTB Virtual Agent will be visible across all of the RTB Online Registration portal pages and 3 website pages, Contact Us, Ending a Tenancy, and Guide to Dispute Resolution. In the initial weeks and months, we will use the data from the service to continue to improve how RTB’s Virtual Agent responds to customers and to improve website content.  

To note: RTB’s Virtual Agent uses the data from customer queries to continuously learn and improve on responses, however it is critical to note that RTB’s Virtual Agent does not learn from personal data. All data inputted is anonymised every 24 hours and this anonymised data is retained and used to inform learnings to ensure the RTB understands the needs of our customers and continuously improves our customer service offerings.

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