Missed Registrations

This page provides information on what is a 'Missed Registration' and how to register one using your RTB online account.

What is a 'Missed Registration'? 

When a tenancy, that began before the 24 December 2016, has been in existence for 4 years and at least one of the original tenants remains, the tenancy registration must be renewed. 

When a tenancy, that began after 24 December 2016, has been in existence for 6 years and at least one of the original tenants remains, the tenancy registration must be renewed. 

Example: A tenancy began 01 Nov 2012. On the four-year anniversary, 01 Nov 2016, the tenancy registration must be renewed for the next four-year tenancy cycle. On the next four-year anniversary, 01 Nov 2020, the tenancy registration must be renewed again but this time the tenancy cycle is for six years because the renewal date is after 24 December 2016. In this scenario when you are registering only the missing tenancy cycle that begins in Nov 2016 you must answer ‘No’ to the question “Is this tenancy ongoing?” on the Dwelling details page. 

Once at least one of the original tenants remains these cycles of renewal registrations for the tenancy will continue. If a landlord misses one of these cycles, then this is called a ‘Missed Registration’ and this missed registration must be registered retrospectively to bring the landlords registrations up to date. 

If you are a landlord who has not registered a tenancy that has multiple tenancy cycles, e.g. a tenancy that started in 2012 and is still in existence today but none were ever registered, and you go to start registering them now starting with the oldest one first (2012) then here is what you must do when answering the question “Is the tenancy ongoing?” on the Dwelling details page: 

Answer ‘Yes’ for all the old tenancy cycles and ‘Yes’ for the current tenancy cycle as this means the system will automatically create all the subsequent tenancy registration records for you and all you need to do is to view each tenancy registration record and verify or update the information it contains. The rent amount may need to be updated if it has changed over time. 

How do I register my tenancy through my RTB online account if I have a missed registration?

Click 'Create Registration' button on your online account homepage. The tenancy commencement date you need to enter is the date of the beginning of the missed cycle. 

Using the example above let’s say the landlord missed the middle tenancy cycle which began on 01 Nov 2016. Then when the landlord comes to register this missed registration the tenancy commencement date will be 01 Nov 2016 as that is when that tenancy cycle began. 

Guidance on how to register a tenancy using your online account is available here

Information on how the RTB will communicate with you can be found here.

What fees will I have to pay? 

If a tenancy has not been registered within one month of the beginning of the tenancy a late fee will apply. Information on fees payable for tenancy registration can be found here.

Further information on tenancy registration can be found here