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An anchor tenant is a tenant who was in residence at the start of the tenancy and was included on the initial application to register a tenancy. If all anchor tenants are removed from a registration, and new tenants are move in, this is considered a new tenancy, and a new registration application will be required. 

These are bodies approved by the Minister to provide housing, usually charitable or voluntary organisations. 

Building Energy Rating Certificate, every rented dwelling is required by law to have one.  

Provided on a BER Certificate, rating the energy efficiency of a building from A1 to G based on CO2 emissions. 

Companies Registration Office number given to companies when they register with the Companies Registration Office.  

Your RTB online account homepage 

A draft number is the unique number assigned to each draft tenancy registration application. It will be replaced with an RT Number once the tenancy has been registered.  

There can only be one active tenancy registration for a rented dwelling at any one time. 

This is a continuation of a part 4 tenancy in a new tenancy cycle where at least one of the original tenants remains as part of the tenancy registration. 

  • A tenancy is no longer ongoing if the tenancy has ended. If you are registering a tenancy that has already ended answer No to this question, enter the date the tenancy ended and chose the reason it ended from the drop-down menu. 

Click here for information on registration fees. 

If a tenancy has not been registered for one or more tenancy cycles (either 4 or 6 years) then it is referred to as a Missed Registration. Click here for more information. 

If the landlord is a trustee of a pension fund, then the details must be provided during the application process as Additional Title in the format of ‘Trustee of XYZ Pension Fund’. 

Personal Public Service Number is a unique identifier for a person when using public services in the Republic of Ireland. 

This is a person appointed by the courts on behalf of a bank over a rented dwelling to collect the rent. 

A designated area where rents cannot increase more than general inflation. Click here for further information. 

Exemptions are dwellings that have not been rented out for the two years prior to the tenancy commencement date, a new tenancy in a protected structure that has not been rented out in the previous twelve months and dwellings that have undergone a substantial change in the nature of the accommodation. 

The RT (Registered Tenancy) number is the unique number assigned to each tenancy registration. It is provided in the format RT-XXXX-XXXXXXXX. 

Click here for information on registration fees.

The TCD is the date the tenancy begins, i.e. the date the tenant has the ability to move in, usually when they get the keys. 

The TED is the date the tenancy ends. 

The reason the tenancy has ended. 

Any person or organisation connected to the tenancy registration, for example the landlord, the tenant, the agent, or the management company. 

This is the flat or apartment number associated with the address of the rented dwelling. 

Examples are gas, electricity, oil, etc.