The Residential Tenancies Board publishes Annual Report and Accounts for 2021

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On 17 November 2022, the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) published its 2021 Annual Report and Accounts. 

For the RTB, 2021 was characterised by the continued delivery of our statutory mandate to serve the public interest through a focus on operational efficiency and the implementation of further legislative change. Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, major business priorities were delivered, and our stakeholders were supported through the continuation of our services. Across all the operational areas, the RTB adapted and modified services to minimise the impact of the pandemic on our customers while maintaining a safe working environment.

In addition: 

  • The RTB received 5,657 applications for dispute resolution and facilitated over 3,000 Telephone Mediation and Adjudication hearings in 2021. There were 2,759 Determination Orders issued, which is an increase of 54% compared to the number issued in 2020.
  • There were 169 investigations into potential improper conduct by landlords during 2021, and the RTB brought over 39 formal sanctions before the Circuit Court for confirmation.
  • The first phase of the RTB’s Rental Sector Survey reports were launched in July 2021. These comprehensive reports make important contributions to the policy landscape by providing data and insights on the experiences of landlords, tenants and letting agents in the rental sector, as well as landlords who have left the sector.
  • The RTB Research and Data Hub launched in March 2021, this is an interactive online tool which provides the public with easy access to information collected by the RTB.
  • The RTB’s redesigned online tenancy management system launched on 15 November 2021. 
  • A non-interrupted service was delivered to customers through the contact centre. During 2021, the RTB’s customer service team answered a total of 82,296 phone calls and received 105,594 emails.

Looking to the future, the RTB is at an important juncture. As Ireland comes out of the pandemic, the RTB is also coming to the end of the current strategic plan and is in the process of setting new strategic priorities for 2023-2025 which are in the process of being finalised following a detailed consultation process. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of the consultation and our new statement of strategy early in 2023.


To read the full 2021 Annual Report and Accounts, please click here.