Statement of Strategy Public Consultation Survey

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The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) is the regulator of the rental sector. Our role is to regulate the rental sector, maintain a national register of tenancies, resolve disputes between tenants and landlords, initiate an investigation into Improper Conduct by a landlord, to provide information to the public to ensure tenancies run smoothly and no issues arise and provide information and research to inform policy.  Our remit covers both the private rental sector, Student Specific Accommodation, and not-for-profit housing providers; Approved Housing Bodies, and Cost Rental.  

The Residential Tenancies Board is currently in the process of preparing our next Statement of Strategy to cover the period from 2023-2025. As part of this, we are interested in hearing from a broad range of stakeholders who have experience of living in and providing accommodation in the rental sector.  

We have concluded our first phase of the consultation process, engaging with our key stakeholders, and are now ready to move on to the second phase; the public consultation survey. This survey gives landlords, tenants, housing professionals and the public the opportunity to have your say on the key responsibilities, challenges and key priorities of the RTB for the next 3 years.    

The Survey will be open from Wednesday 28th September until Friday 21st October.  

All answers will be treated in confidence and will not be attributed to a particular person, group, or organization and, no personally identifiable data is collected.