Emergency Period Expired on 12th of April 2021

The latest Emergency Period under the Residential Tenancies Act 2020 expired on 12th of April 2021. This means that notice periods that were paused can be calculated from 13th April 2021, and the existing laws on how to end a tenancy apply again from 13th of April 2021.

The Residential Tenancies Act 2020 introduced temporary pauses on tenancy terminations taking effect during an Emergency Period, except in limited exceptions. These temporary restrictions were and will be based on any Emergency Periods which impose restrictions on travel outside of a 5-kilometre radius of a person’s place of residence. This means that whenever the movement of a person is restricted to within 5 kilometres of their home, the temporary restriction on ending a tenancy will apply.

To find out what the expiration of the Emergency Period means for your tenancy, please visit our website here.