Annual Registration

Changes to the legislation have provided for the Annual Registration of tenancies

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The Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2019 provides for the annual registration of tenancies and also creates a new fee structure for annual registration, which will cost €40 for the registration of private rented tenancies and €20 for the registration of Approved Housing Body tenancies.

This part of the new legislation has not been commenced. Annual registration will be supported by the introduction of a new tenancy management system, called RTB360.  The RTB will roll out a communications strategy in advance of the commencement of annual registration to support and inform landlords.

The introduction of annual registration is important to assist the RTB in monitoring and regulating the sector. At present, new tenancies are registered with the RTB, and landlords are expected to update the RTB with changing information about a tenancy.  Annual registration is a simpler and more effective registration model for landlords and tenants, the RTB, and the rental sector. Landlords will provide the RTB with an annual update on their tenancies, and the RTB will proactively remind landlords of their responsibility to do so, which will support landlords to comply. By having up to date annual registration data, the RTB can better understand and regulate the rental sector. Annual registration data will also help the RTB in contributing to policy development which will work towards improving the rental sector as a whole.