Managing your Registrations

This page provides guidance on how to manage your registrations using your new RTB online account.

View the registrations linked to your account by clicking 'Manage Registrations' on your account homepage. 

Under the ‘Action’ column to the right of the screen different action buttons will be shown depending on the status of each tenancy registration.


  • Where Status = ‘Registered’ then Action button = View/Edit 
  • Where Status = ‘Fee Outstanding’ then Action button = Pay Now 

The ‘Action’ column also has a button to end the tenancy. The use of this button will depend on the status of the tenancy registration.

Further information on tenancy statuses and what they mean can be found here

Sort & Search 

You can sort your registrations into the following categories; 

  • All 
  • Expires Soon 
  • Payment Due 
  • Registered 
  • Missed Registrations 

There is a black arrow that appears along the top ribbon of the grid on the Manage Registrations page, which indicates by which column the information is being sorted.

Click this arrow to remove the sort on this column and click on the column heading which you would like to sort by.

You can sort your registrations by RT/Draft Number, Dwelling, Next Registration Date, and Status by clicking the relevant column heading.

You can also use the search function to find a tenancy using the application RT/Draft Number, or the rented dwelling address.

Selecting Multiple Records 

You can use the 'Select/Unselect Page' button to select all records on the page, or the tick box to the left of each record, to select one or multiple records. This feature allows you to; 

  1. produce a spread sheet containing all the details of the selected registrations, using the export options provided at the bottom of the page 
  2. select records that require payment and choose to pay for multiple records in one transaction
  3. assign records to another user, if you are a company or AHB account administrator.