Moving Out

When a tenant is moving out there are certain steps needed before handing back a property

  • Clean the property.
  • Remove all your belongings.
  • Get rid of rubbish (if required).
  • Ensure rent and all other charges and taxes are paid in full.
  • Ensure there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Do a meter reading.
  • Transfer utility bills back into the name of the landlord.
  • Create a list of the contents and condition of all items in the property and get the landlord to sign this to confirm their agreement. Check every plumbing fixture, light switch, cupboard door, and appliance to make sure they all work properly.
  • Take photos or video tape recordings of the rental unit before tenant moves in.
  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • Do a final inspection with the landlord/ agent.
  • Return the keys.
  • Retain all written records in case of dispute.
  • Leave a forwarding address.