Submitting a dispute online

Please ensure that the information provided in an application is accurate and complete and that evidence is included

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How to apply for Dispute Resolution

Applications for dispute resolution can be made quicky online

If you do not have an account, log on on the RTB portal and create a new account. You can then use this account to create a dispute application online.

If you already have an account, you can use the same account created when registering their tenancies to create a dispute application.

To view additional information on creating and managing your RTB online account please click here.

Because of the restrictions in place due to Covid-19, we can no longer accept paper form dispute resolution services applications into the RTB during this emergency period.

Please ensure that the information provided in an application is accurate and complete and that all documentation supporting the application is included.


Information required 

Applicant’s details:

Please state your full name and address.

  • Only landlords, tenants and third parties (neighbours affected by anti-social behaviour of tenants in rented dwelling) can be named as the Applicant. If a representative is submitting a case on behalf of a client, please state the client’s name in the Applicant field and use the Representative section to complete your details.
  • Applicant landlords must provide the tenancy registration number relating to the tenancy involved in the dispute. 
  • If the tenancy has been in existence for over 4 years, two or more tenancy registration numbers will be required.
  • If you are unsure if the tenancy has been registered with the RTB, please contact the Registrations Section of the RTB by email to or by phone 01 7028100 or 0818 303037. Alternatively you can check the RTB Register of Tenancies here.


Respondent’s details:

Full name and address of the Tenant or Landlord.

  • If you are a Tenant and the name of your Landlord is not known, please state “Unknown” in the Respondents section of the application. If the details of the Landlord’s Agent are only available please provide same in the Representative section of the application. Please ensure the correct parties are identified. If the agent is incorrectly identified as the landlord it may result in a Determination Order being unenforceable.
  • Address for service of RTB notices:  RTB notices are usually served by post. If the current address of the respondent in the case is not available, the RTB may be unable to process the dispute. The address for the respondent must be their current address of residence. If an address for service is not provided, and the RTB is unable to locate an address for the respondent parties, the case cannot be heard.


Decide on the preferred method of dispute resolution:

Free mediation OR adjudication


Addresss of the rented dwelling under dispute:

Please provide the correct and full address of the dwelling under dispute.



If relevant, please provide the details of your representative and/or the representative of the respondent in this section.


 Payment details:

There is no fee for mediation. An application to the RTB for resolving a dispute by adjudication costs €15 if the application is made online and €25 if the application is sent in by post. The RTB will not process a case unless the fee has been paid.  Payment can be made by Credit/Debit Cards, Cheques, Postal Orders or Bank Drafts.


Supporting documentation and submission of evidence: 

Please read our guide to evidence which provides information on the types of evidence that may support your case

Apply for Dispute Resolution Service

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