RTB Online Accounts

The RTB online account facility is an easy and quick way to access the key services that the RTB provides to both landlords and tenants.

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Landlords can register, renew, update and close tenancies, and both landlords and tenants can access the RTB Dispute Resolution Services via an RTB online account.

If you already have an online account;

  • Click here to login to your account and access RTB tenancy registrations and Dispute Resolution Services.
  • In order to access your online account, you will need your account ID, password and pin. When you first created your account, you will have received an e-mail, which will contain your account ID.

Please note your account ID is different to your RT number. An RT number (RT-xxxx-xxxxxxxx) is a unique identifying number which is assigned to each registered tenancy.

Creating an Online Account

The quickest way to access the RTB’s services is by using our online account facility.

Setting up a new online account is a simple process and should only take a few minutes. 

If you need assistance in creating a new online account here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

If you need any additional help, our Web Chat facility is available to assist you. 


You will need the following information readily available to set up your account;

  • Email address (or company email address, if account is for a company) 
  • Name 
  • PPSN (CRO number, if account is for a company) 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Contact Details – Phone Number & Address


Most common queries when creating an online account:

  • What details will I need to log into my online account? 

Remember to take note of your account ID, password and pin during account creation as these will be required to access your account in future. 

  • Where do I find my account ID? 

During the online account creation process, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided, which will contain your account ID. You should save this e-mail/account ID for future reference. 

  • What if I forget my pin or password? 

If you forget your password or pin, you can use the self-service account recovery options located on the log in screen. Click on “forgot your password” or “forgot your pin”. You will be asked for your account ID and the answer to your security question (set by you during account creation). You will need to have access to the e-mail address registered to your RTB account.  

  • I set up an account previously but never used it, now I want to set up a new account – what should I do?

If you already have an account set up, you will not be able to use the same email address to set up a new one. You will need to reactivate your old account or use a different email address to set up your new account.

Downloadable Guides

How to create an RTB online account? 

How to register a tenancy? 

How to link an existing tenancy? 


Tips to manage your online account;

  1. Ensure contact details are kept up to date. If at any stage you change your e-mail address, postal address or contact phone number, you should log into your online account and update these details in your profile. 
  2. When registering/renewing/updating a tenancy, please ensure to enter all details, such as dates and financial amounts, carefully and correctly. 
  3. Please note it is not necessary to enter “€” in the rent/deposit fields – only numbers should be entered in these fields. 
  4. When renewing a tenancy, the Tenancy Commencement Date for the new 'Part 4' tenancy should be the day after the expiry of the old 'Part 4' tenancy. Once you enter the Tenancy Commencement Date. you cannot change it, so be careful to ensure you are entering it correctly. 
  5. Before beginning any application, check that the details in your profile are up to date. When filling in any application form, these details will be automatically entered to the relevant part of the application and if they are not correct, you will have to return to your profile to change them before proceeding.
  6. If, when registering a tenancy online, you need to pause before completing the application, your draft tenancy registration is saved in “Pending Applications” on the “Register a Tenancy” page. 

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