Organisation and Pay Grading Structures

This page provides an overview of the RTB's different sections and staffing.

The RTB comprises of different sections to deal with the different roles, responsibilities and functions prescribed to the organisation by the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (as amended). Each section is interlinked and works closely together to carry out their functions:

  • Registrations, Outsourced Services Management & Customer Service
  • Registration Enforcement
  • Investigations and Sanctions
  • Legal Affairs
  • Dispute Resolution Service
  • Enforcement of Determination Orders
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Strategic Projects
  • Finance, Governance & Risk Management
  • Human Resources and Corporate Services
  • Communications and Research

At the time of last review, the RTB employs 83 staff (permanent and temporary), who are public and civil servants. At the time of writing, the RTB team comprises of 11 Senior Management members, 20 Higher Executive Officers, 8 Authorised Officers, 33 Executive Officers, 1 Research Officer and 10 Clerical Officers. Staff are also supported by external contract employees who assist in the organisation’s smooth day to day running of the business. The pay grades of public servants are openly available to the public and can be found on the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform website at the following link

The RTB works alongside a panel of mediator/adjudicators and Dispute Resolution Committee (tribunal) panel members who are appointed to make decisions for the dispute resolution service and a panel of decision-makers for Investigations and Sanctions. Panel member remuneration is published in the RTB’s annual report, as well as further financial information in relation to the board, director and senior management.