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All required information has been provided on the registration application, the information has been verified and the total fee has been paid. A letter confirming the tenancy registration is available to download on your RTB online account. 

  • Some, or all of the registration application details have been entered, but the applicant has not completed the registration. 

  • Applications in Draft status will only remain on your account for 30 days before being automatically deleted. None of the details input on the original draft will be retained, and a new registration application is then required. The draft number on the now deleted draft will no longer be viewable on your account.   

  • When all information has been provided on the registration application, and the declaration has been completed but no fee has been paid. 

  • A tenancy is not deemed to be Registered until payment has been received and the information provided has been verified. 

  • When all information has been provided on the registration application, the declaration has been signed, and the fee has been paid. 

  • The information provided in the application now needs to be verified by the RTB before the registration can be confirmed. 

If information provided on the registration application is incorrect, or a payment has not been successfully processed then the registration will remain incomplete. The RTB will contact you to obtain the correct/missing information. 

  • If the provided on the registration application remains incorrect or missing, or if the correct fee has not been paid after the RTB has contacted you, the registration will be deemed to be unsuccessful.  

  • This tenancy is not registered. A new application will be required to register this tenancy. The registration application cannot be updated or corrected after a tenancy is deemed unsuccessful.  

  • When the RTB identifies a missed registration that you may not have originally registered. 

  • Please see further information on missed registrations here

The tenancy registration is closed or ended. 

This registration record can be viewed but no updates or edits can be made to the record.