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Data Linking 

If you have an active tenancy registration which you cannot find on  the 'Manage Registrations' page of your RTB online account, you can link it by selecting 'Link to an Existing Registration' from your account homepage. Click on the + symbol below that matches your account type for further guidance.  


I have an Individual Account 

The surname and email address on your RTB online account profile must match the information on the tenancy registration you are attempting to link to.  

There are two options that can be used to link: 

Option 1: RT Number (the unique number assigned to each tenancy registration)  

Option 2: Account ID number (this is your account ID number from your previous RTB online account)  


I have a Company Account 

Linking to an existing registration on a company account is only available to the main company account and is not available for company branches. Existing registrations can be linked by the main company account and then assigned to a branch.  

The CRO number on your RTB online account profile must match the CRO number on the tenancy registration you are attempting to link.

There are two options that can be used to link:  

Option 1: RT Number (the unique number assigned to each tenancy registration) 

Option 2: Account ID number (this is your account ID number from your previous RTB online account) 


I have an AHB Account 

As part of the account set up process for Approved Housing Body (AHB) your tenancy records have already been linked to your RTB online account.  

If you have a query about linking a tenancy registration to an AHB online account, please contact


Data Linking Outcomes 

If the linking has been successful, you will be asked to review and accept the registration details. Once you have accepted the record(s) you will then be able to see the registration(s) listed on your Manage Registrations page.  

If the linking has NOT been successful, you will be directed to provide some additional information to enable the RTB to identify the correct registration record(s). The RTB will contact you once the record(s) has been located. 


Data Linking Video Guides 

Data linking - Company Account 

Data Linking Spreadsheet 

The RTB has developed a Data Linking Spreadsheet to assist landlords and agents who have large amounts of existing tenancies which need to be linked to their new RTB online account. This spreadsheet will allow customers to provide the RTB with the information required to link each tenancy record in one request rather than having to submit multiple requests to link  their tenancy data to their new account. 

The Data Linking Spreadsheet is available to download below. 

How to use the spreadsheet: 

Please bear in mind that existing registration records may contain different elements of information, for example; 

The new RTB online system does not allow this variation in data and so there may be delays in identifying and linking your registration records if this is the case. 

In some instances, additional verification may be required to ensure we are linking data to the correct account. 

If there is any reason, such as the examples listed above, that you are aware of that may cause difficulties linking existing registration records to your new account, please provide this information, along with a completed spreadsheet, in your email to the Data Linking Team. 


Data Linking Video Guides