Updating a Tenancy Registration

From time to time, details in an existing tenancy registered with the RTB might change. These changes should be updated with the RTB using the guidelines below.

For example:

  • Rent Amount Update; if there is a change of rent amount, a landlord is required to notify the RTB within one month after the date the new rent has taken effect
  • Add/Remove a Tenant; if the tenant details are changing, but at least one of the original tenants remains in the rented property
  • Add/Remove a Landlord; if you are adding or removing a landlord, but at least one of the original landlords remains on the registration
  • If you are no longer the owner or one of the landlords of the rented dwelling or are no longer renting out the dwelling

If there is an entirely new owner for the property you will need to provide additional information and should contact us at registrations@rtb.ie for further information.

No fee is payable when providing an update of tenancy details, once at least one of the original tenants is still part of the tenancy. If not, this is a new tenancy and a new registration is required.

Please Note: A tenancy commencement date cannot be updated. If the wrong tenancy commencement date was erroneously provided on the application to register, then a correction must be submitted in writing to the RTB. This can be done by e-mail to registrations@rtb.ie or by post to RTB, PO BOX 47, Clonakilty, Co Cork. Late fees may apply where applicable.

Please select an option below for information on how to update your tenancy.
  • The most efficient way to update your tenancy is by using the RTB’s online account system which can be accessed here

    Setting up an online account is a simple process. Existing tenancy registrations can be added to your new online account. Any updates can then be carried out online.

    To find out more information about using the RTB’s online account system click here.

  • Please click here to download a Tenancy Update Form which can be saved, edited, and sent by email to update your tenancy.

    If you have access to a scanner, you can send a copy of your tenancy update form to registrations@rtb.ie.

    If you can provide a clear photograph of the document, this can also be accepted by email to update your tenancy.

  • Please be aware there may be a delay in processing forms received by post.

    Please click here to download a Tenancy Update Form, which can be printed, completed and posted to the RTB at the address provided on the form.

If you need assistance our customer contact service is available during regular business hours.