Updating a Tenancy

This page provides guidance on how to update and/or end a tenancy registration using your RTB online account.

Choose the ‘Manage Registrations’ option from your online account homepage. If you have an existing registration to be updated which is not yet linked to your new account, find out how to link it here. Once it has been linked it will appear in ‘Manage Registrations’ section of your online account.

To edit the details of your tenancy registration, choose the ‘View/Edit’ button to the right of each registration record. To end the tenancy, click the ‘End Tenancy’ button to the right of the ‘View/Edit’ button to the right of the screen.

Removing all of the original tenants from a tenancy registration will end it automatically. If none of the original tenants on a tenancy registration are still living in the rented dwelling, and new tenants have moved in, this is a new tenancy, and a new tenancy registration is required.

Upon completion of an update to your tenancy registration confirmation of this update will appear in the ‘My Messages’ section of your online account. Click on the envelope icon at the top-right of the screen to view this section.

Any other landlords listed on the tenancy registration and the tenants will also receive confirmation of updates to the tenancy registration record.

Further information on updating a tenancy registration can be found here.