Landlords ending a fixed term tenancy

For landlords a fixed term tenancy can be ended during the period of the fixed term if: 

  • The tenant has breached one of the conditions of the lease.
  • The reason for ending a fixed term tenancy is non payment of rent. The landlord must send a 14 day warning letter allowing time to pay the rent, before a 28 day notice of termination can be issued.
  • The reason for ending the tenancy is because of a breach of the tenant’s responsibilities. In this case, the landlord must state the breach in the warning notice, and in a 28 day notice if one follows.

Please note: On 9th July 2021, the Government enacted the Residential Tenancies (No.2) Act 2021 which extends the provisions and protections under the PDRTA 2020 from 12th July 2021 to 12th January 2022. As such, during the period from 11th January up to and including 12th January 2022 and subject to certain conditions, a 90-day (rather than the usual 28 days) termination notice period applies, where a tenant is in rent arrears due to Covid-19 and is at risk of losing their tenancy. 

Where the new protections under the PDRTA do not apply or cease to apply to a tenant, a landlord may end the tenancy.  

For more information on this new legislation and its protections for tenant in rent arrears due to Covid-19 click here