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Dispute Resolution.

One of the functions of the RTB is to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants. Since December 2004, the RTB's dispute resolution service has been operational. The service involves mediation, adjudication and tenancy tribunal hearings and replaces the courts for the majority of landlord and tenant disputes. Dispute cases are processed as efficiently as possible. The length of time it takes to process a dispute varies from case to case and depends on the nature of the dispute, the complexities of the issues involved, the timeliness of documentation submitted by the parties and the stages involved. In resolving a dispute, mediation agreements and adjudication decisions which are not appealed become a binding determination order of the RTB. The Tribunal determination of a dispute is also binding if not appealed to the High Court within 21 days.

A Tribunal takes place if any party wishes to appeal the Adjudicator’s decision within 10 working days of issue of the Adjudicator's report or in the case where an agreement was reached at Adjudication, within 10 calendar days (of the date of the agreement). In the event that mediation is unsuccessful and any of the parties request a Tribunal hearing within 10 calendar days from the date of the agreement/the date the mediation was deemed unsuccessful.

In exceptional circumstances the RTB may refer a dispute directly to the Tribunal, e.g. where there appears to be imminent risk of damage to the dwelling or danger to the parties.

A Tribunal hearing is a public hearing.

Please note that whilst these Tribunal hearings are scheduled and this table is accurate at the time of posting, hearings may be cancelled at short notice.  An up to date status of all hearings listed can be obtained by emailing  


You can access information regarding the Tenancy Tribunal process here.