Rent Tribunal

The Rent Tribunal was established in 1983 and fixes the terms of tenancy including the rent of the dwellings controlled under the Rent Restriction Acts

The Rent Tribunal was set up to fix the terms of tenancy including the rent of the dwellings formally controlled under the Rent Restrictions Acts 1960-1981. 

The Rent Tribunal does not deal with other types of private rented accommodation.

The Tribunal may determine new cases or may review cases previously determined by the District court or by the Tribunal itself. The Tribunal determines applications on the basis of written submissions made and can include Oral hearings.  

The Tribunal requires the applicant landlord or tenant to furnish certain written information. Any information provided will be forwarded to the other party.  

The Tribunal will hold an oral hearing if either party so requests within the specified time restrictions pursuant to Section 8 of the Housing (Rent Tribunal) Regulations 1983.  

A request for an Oral hearing shall be made :

a) in the case of the applicant, at the time of making the application.

b) in the case of the respondent, not later than fourteen days from the date of receipt of notice of the application form.

The case can be determined solely on the basis of written submissions. An inspection of the dwelling will normally be carried out by the Tribunal, which would usually include a member who has valuation expertise.   The decision of the Rent Tribunal on an application will be communicated in writing to both parties in the form of a signed order of the Tribunal and will include the terms of tenancy of the dwelling.


You can contact the Rent Tribunal at:

Rent Tribunal 
2nd Floor 
O'Connell Bridge House 
D'Olier Street 
Dublin 2

Telephone: 0818 30 30 37