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When searching the Register, there are a couple of things to note:
  • Tenancies which are registered online will be visible on the Public Register up to 48 hours after registration. Paper applications take longer to process.
  • The Register is a list of all private tenancies currently registered with the RTB and are compliant with annual registration requirements. The Student Specific Accommodation register is published separately.
  • If a tenancy has ended and the RTB has been made aware of this, the tenancy is no longer on the Register.
  • The Register is not a historical record. You cannot search for past tenancy registrations that have ended or expired.
  • It is important to point out that addresses on tenancy registrations are self-declared and are entered by those obliged to register. As such, it is helpful to search on more than one variation of an address, so the search is broad enough to capture variations that may have been entered.
  • The Register is case and grammar sensitive. When checking the Register, you should take into consideration the use of lower or upper case, commas, spacing and apostrophes, etc. If a mistake is made entering an address, it will return no results. Therefore, it is important to try a few variations of the address to establish if it is registered.
  • The RTB does not publish details of the landlord, tenants, rent levels, or tenancy commencement date.

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