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Residential Tenancies Board

Rent Pressure Zone Calculation

Summary of results for maximum rent increase permitted for dwelling in Rent Pressure Zone.

Use this calculator to:

  • 1. Determine if your dwelling is in a Rent Pressure Zone by inputting your address or Eircode
  • 2. If the dwelling is in a Rent Pressure Zone to calculate the maximum rent increase permitted, if any, for that dwelling. Please note that where the calculator indicates that an increase is permissible, the imposition of such an increase remains subject to the requirement under section 19(1) of the Residential Tenancies Acts 2004-2021 that 'in setting, at any particular time, the rent under the tenancy of a dwelling, an amount of rent shall not be provided for that is greater than the amount of the market rent for that tenancy at that time.
  • 3. Rent setting occurs either at the commencement of the tenancy or as part of a review of the rent.

Note: Landlords are strongly advised to serve the notice of rent review on the tenant on the same day as they use the Rent Pressure Zone calculator to avoid any potential invalidation of their rent review, as calculations can vary from day-to-day in line with any change in HICP values.

Further information on Rent Pressure Zones available here

Are you in a Rent Pressure Zone?

HICP Index Table:- Source All-Items Harmonised Index of Consumers Prices in relation to Ireland, as published in the RTB Table of HICP values


The RTB is required by law to establish and maintain a RPZ calculator and publish a table of HICP values to assist both landlords and tenants understand how to lawfully set rents in a RPZ. The calculator will identify the percentage difference (if any) between the HICP value on the date the rent was previously set and the HICP value that applies on the date the new rent is set. Any rent increase in a RPZ is prohibited from exceeding general inflation (as recorded by the HICP inflation rate) and cannot increase by more than 2% per annum pro rata, where HICP inflation is higher. Rent may not be set above any permissible increase set out on the RPZ calculator. The cap of 2% per annum pro rata will result in lower rent increases in RPZs during times of high inflation. The calculator may indicate that no rent increase is allowed. There is no legal requirement on a landlord to increase the current rent amount. There is no legal obstacle to a landlord reducing the current rent amount.