Fixed Term Tenancy

A fixed term tenancy is one that lasts for a specific amount of time as specified in the tenancy agreement or lease.

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A fixed term tenancy is a tenancy that lasts for a specific amount of time. A ‘Part 4’ tenancy runs alongside a fixed term tenancy, which means the tenant shall, after a period of 6 months and as in the normal course, become entitled to the provisions of a ‘Part 4’ tenancy (i.e. they can stay in the property for 4 or 6 years*). This simply means that irrespective of the length of the fixed term lease, a tenant has an entitlement to remain in the dwelling for up to 4 or 6 years* and the landlord can only terminate the tenancy on limited grounds. Click here to see on what grounds a landlord can end a fixed-term tenancy.

* This is dependent on when the tenancy commenced. For tenancies that commenced after December 24th 2016, once a tenant has been in occupation for a continuous period of 6 months (and a valid Notice of Termination has not been served), they are entitled to remain in the dwelling for a further 5 and a half years. For tenancies that commenced before December 24th 2016, their Part 4 rights will continue for 3 and a half years.