Paying Rent

Advice on paying rent, keeping receipts and rent books

Agreeing Rent  

Tenants and landlords should be clear on the rent that is payable in the tenancy and when it is due to be paid.  Normally rents are paid one month in advance unless the lease agreement sets out a different rent payment schedule. It is not normally required to pay a deposit plus several months rent in advance. If there is no written tenancy agreement in place, a landlord is still obliged to provide a rent book to a tenant in respect of the tenancy. ​​​​​​

Tenants should keep all receipts as proof of payments made. In a Rent Pressure Zone, rents can only able to rise according to a prescribed formula by a maximum of 4% annually (see formula below).

If a tenant believes the landlord has miscalculated their rent, they should initially seek clarification from the landlord. If this does not resolve the issue, they may contact the RTB to seek further information. They may make a dispute application to the RTB up to six years after the tenancy was in place.

A tenant cannot contract out of their rights to individual agreements with landlords and this includes limits to rent increases.

Rent pressure zone formula