About the RTB Website

A priority for the RTB is to improve access to information on rights and responsibilities and the services provided by the RTB

About the RTB Website

The RTB undertakes a range of actions to ensure that information and advice on Ireland’s growing rental sector is available to landlords, tenants, and the general public.

Part of the RTB’s role is to provide high quality information and assistance to the public, tenants and landlords on their rights and responsibilities, in terms of both living in and providing accommodation in the rental sector.

One of the actions in the Strategy for the Rental Sector involves the creation of a user friendly website with all the important information, forms, templates, and assistance.

In order to ensure a customer friendly approach, each element of content on the RTB website is informed by analytics, user observation, and intelligence from the RTB customer service centre. This provides us with confidence that user traffic will be for the specific and demanded information covered on the website. The RTB website will:

  • assist landlords and tenants in understanding their rights and responsibilities;
  • provide access to information about the life cycle of a tenancy;
  • allow customers to register tenancies;
  • allow customers to login and check an account via the portal;
  • provide information, research, and news from the RTB;
  • give access to key forms;

The website forms part of a wider process of customer engagement being undertaken by the RTB, which involves expanding all aspects of our customer service. More information on the RTB’s role can be found here.