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Moving In Checklist

Here are a few helpful tips on commencing a new tenancy:



It is a good idea to take photographs of the property before the commencement of a new tenancy, and if possible date them.  Similarly, photos should be taken before moving out of the dwelling. This is important should a dispute arise regarding the condition of the property when the tenancy ends  

Who is my landlord?

 It is important to know the name of your landlord.  If you have been dealing with an agent, you are entitled to the full name and contact details of your landlord(s) under the Housing Rent Book Regulations Act 1993.  Even if you have been dealing with an agent or landlord representative throughout a tenancy, in the event of a dispute you can only take a case against your landlord to the PRTB.     

Leaving early?

Tenants should be aware that, where they sign a fixed term lease, they are precluded from terminating a tenancy within the first 6 months unless they adhere to the requirements for terminating a fixed term lease.  Not adhering to these requirements may result in a landlord retaining all or a portion of a tenant’s deposit.    

Rights and obligations

Tenants should be familiar with their rights and obligations. Even if you are in dispute with your landlord you are still required to abide by the terms of your tenancy and must continue to pay rent.