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Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015

The Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016 was signed into law by the President on 23 December 2016 and the following day a number of new provisions came into play within the sector. These new provisions deal with rent predictability, security of tenure, the streamlining of the RTB’s dispute resolution services and the enhancement of the role and powers of the RTB.

Please see link to the full list of amendments below which also contains future amendments yet to be enacted:   

Table of Legislative Changes

Below is a breakdown of all amendments made to the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 in date order:

17th January 2017
  • Restrictions on terminating tenancies with 10 or more units in a development, where a landlord is seeking to sell 10 or more units within a single development in a period of six months
  • Amendment to Section 100 – reducing the time period for Appeals to a tribunal of the RTB from 21 days to 10 working days.
  • Repeal of Section 42 – abolition on terminating in first six months of Further Part 4 tenancy for no stated ground

24th December 2016 

  • New rent predictability measures, formula and exclusions
  • New requirement re rent review notices
  • New measures re frequency of rent reviews
  • Designation (or revocation) of Rent Pressure Zones
  • New requirement for the RTB to publish quarterly statistical reports & timeline reports-click here for latest statistics
  • Amendment to grounds for termination by a landlord when selling more than 10 or more tenancy dwellings

For more information on new Rent Review measures click here.

  • Security of tenure - 4 year tenancies becoming 6 year tenancies – click here

9th May 2016

  • New requirements for Notices of Termination served by Landlords, see link to Sample Notices of Termination here
  • New requirements in relation to Rent Reviews, see Sample Rent Review Notice here
  • Changes in relation to Third Parties taking a case in relation to Anti-Social behaviour, see more information here
  • Tenancy Registration Confirmation Letter now to be in a prescribed form

7th April 2016

1st March 2016

  • Terminating a tenancy for non payment of rent. See more information on what steps to take here
  • Telephone Mediation Cooling off Period for agreements. See information on the Mediation process here
  • Adjudication Cooling off Period for agreements reduced to 10 days from 21 days
  • Costs and Expenses awards to Parties in Dispute Resolution are limited to €1,000.  Legal or Professional Costs are limited to €5,000
  • Tribunal notice period. Full information on Tribunals can be found here
  • Dispute Resolution Committee Changes
  • PRTB Board of Directors reduced from 15 to 12 members

8th January 2016

  • Telephone Mediation is now Free, see information on the Telephone Mediation process click here
  • Slip or omission in Notice of Termination
  • Transfer of the Rent Tribunal functions to the PRTB

4th December 2015

  • Notice of Termination Periods extended, find details here
  • Rent Certainty Measures, see more information here

Further information on the above can also be found within our News page