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Anti-Social Behaviour - 3rd Party Complaint

Find below an example of a Letter Required by the PRTB to be Issued by a Landlord to the Tenants in the case of a Complaint by a Third Party of Landlord Failure to enforce the Tenant  Obligation not to Engage in Anti-Social Behaviour

To: Tenants of Dwelling at 123 Any Road, Anywhere, Co. Any County

I am directed by the Private Residential Tenancies Board, as your landlord, to serve the following notice on you:

In accordance with section 16(h) of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 you are obliged not to behave within the above dwelling, or in the vicinity of it, in a way that is anti-social. You are also obliged not to allow other occupiers of, or visitors to, the above dwelling to behave within it, or in its vicinity, in a way that is anti-social.

In accordance with section 17 of the Act "behave in a way that is anti-social" means;

(a) engage in behaviour that constitutes the commission of an offence, being an offence the commission of which is reasonably likely to affect directly the well-being or welfare of others,

(b) engage in behaviour that causes, or could cause fear, danger, injury, damage or loss to any person living, working or otherwise lawfully in the dwelling concerned or its vicinity and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, includes violence, intimidation, coercion, harassment or obstruction of, or threats to, any such person, or

(c) engage, persistently, in behaviour that prevents or interferes with the peaceful occupation -

(i)  by any other person residing in the dwelling concerned, of that dwelling,

(ii) by any person residing in any other dwelling contained in the property containing the dwelling concerned, of that other dwelling, or

(iii) by any person residing in a dwelling ("neighbourhood dwelling") in the vicinity of the dwelling or the property containing the dwelling concerned, of that neighbourhood dwelling.

As landlord of the dwelling I am required by section 15 of the Act to enforce the tenant obligations applying to you.

If this or any other form of anti-social behaviour recurs or is engaged in by you or your visitors or other occupants of the dwelling, take note that I am required to immediately proceed to terminate your tenancy and will accordingly, if such behaviour occurs, serve Notice of Termination on you to terminate your tenancy of the above dwelling.

Signed:__________________________ (Landlord)