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Further Part 4

What is a further Part 4 tenancy?

Part IV (part 4) of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 contains the security of tenure measure for tenants based on 4-year cycles  if the tenancy commenced before 24th December 2016 or 6-year cycles if the tenancy commenced after the 24th December 2016, whereby tenancies that have lasted more than 6 months become 'Part 4 tenancies'.


Unless there is a breach of the tenancy obligations, they may only be terminated by the landlord during the following 3½ years or 5½ years, depending on when the tenancy commenced, where one or more of the 6 grounds listed in the Table to section 34 of the Act arises. Please click here to access the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.


At the end of the 4-year/6-year cycle period, the tenancy is deemed terminated and a new tenancy comes into being where the dwelling continues to be let to the same tenant(s). This new tenancy is known a 'further Part 4 tenancy' and, if not terminated by the landlord before the further part 4 tenancy comes into existence ie serving a notice of termination before the last day of the Part 4 tenancy to expire in the first few days of the Further Part 4 tenancy, it may only be terminated during the remainder of the successive four/six years where one of the grounds in the Table to section 34 arises, or an actionable breach of obligations.


Each tenancy must be registered with the RTB. When the Part 4 tenancy is deemed to be terminated at the end of the four/six year cycle and a further Part 4 tenancy comes into being, this tenancy must be registered with the RTB.

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