Rent Reviews outside an RPZ

A landlord can only review the rent once in any 24 month period

A landlord can only review the rent once in any 24 month period, and cannot review within 24 months of the start of the tenancy except where there has been a “substantial change in the nature of the accommodation” that would cause a change in the letting value of the property. A notice of a rent review must be in writing.  An email or text is not considered as a sufficient rent review. 

The landlord cannot set a rent that is in excess of market rent. A rent review notice must contain certain information which can be found here

Click here to check if a property is outside a rent pressure zone area.

A landlord must tell the RTB of the revised rent so that the registration details are up to date. 


Where a notice of a rent review has been served by the landlord than either party can submit a dispute to the RTB before the new rent starts or within 28 days of the tenant receiving the notice. Click here for more information about disputes. 

  • A landlord reviews the rent of a dwelling on 1 December 2016 by serving a 90 day notice of rent review indicating that the change will take effect from the 1st March 2017. A subsequent Notice of Rent Review can not issue until 1 December 2018 and must also provide 90 days Notice prior to the change taking effect.
  • The tenants last rent review was in September 2013. The landlord can initiate a rent review at any time, as it is more than two years since their last rent review, and provided they give the required 90 days notice. Also, if the property is in an RPZ then the landlord can review the rent annually.

Approved Housing Bodies

For Approved Housing Bodies, the setting and reviewing of rent should be set out in the lease/contract provided to the tenant at the start of the tenancy. The use of comparable market rent in setting/reviewing the rent does not apply to Approved Housing Bodies. Click here for further information on Approved Housing Bodies Rent Reviews.