Who can make an appeal?

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Only the original parties (Applicant/Respondent) to a particular dispute, whether adjudication or mediation, may lodge an appeal. An appeal can also be lodged by a nominated representative,


Notice parties (person or body who is not a party to the proceedings, but who may be affected by an order made in proceedings) do not have a right to appeal the decision of an adjudicator.


Attending the Tribunal 

If an appeal is made to a Tenancy Tribunal, please note the appellant will be required to attend or arrange to be represented at the Tribunal. If the appellant does not attend the hearing, without giving any justifiable reason, or does not request the hearing to proceed in their absence, the Tribunal will assume that the appeal has been abandoned. The RTB will then make a determination order based on the adjudicator’s decision or mediation agreement, if any. If a respondent party has lodged their own appeal, then their case will proceed.