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What is Market Rent?

Private Rented Dwellings:

Market rent is defined as a rent that a willing Tenant not already in occupation would give and a willing Landlord would take for the dwelling, having regard to other terms of the tenancy and the letting values of dwellings of a similar size, type and character to the dwelling and situated in a comparable area to that in which it is situated. 

If the landlord has served you with a valid written notice of rent increase, you must submit your application to the RTB before the new rent is to have effect or before the expiry of the 90 days notice from the tenant receiving that notice, which ever is later. Please note that tenants must continue to pay their rent at the existing rent for the tenancy, unless both parties agree otherwise, until your case is determined.

The RTB also have a useful rent index that reflects the actual rents being paid, according to the RTB’s records, as distinct from the asking or advertised rent, which is the basis of other rent reports. Those reports may also be useful to support your application.

Approved Housing Bodies Rented Dwellings:

The rents set for Approved Housing Bodies do not come under the remit of the RTB.