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Adjudication Orders


Content Update  

We have recently upgraded our website and are currently in the process of updating the content. Some Adjudication Orders that were available on the old website may not be available until we have completed this process.

DR No. Parties Subject of Dispute Order Date Determination Order
DR04/2010 Applicant Tenant- Cyril Gautier / Respondent Landlord- Jim Barry 2011
DR200/2010 Applicant Landlord- Matthew Brady / Respondent Tenant- Carrie Keegan 2011
DR207/2010 Applicant Tenants- John Burke and Winnie Burke / Respondent Landlord- Joe O'Brien 2011
DR225/2010 Applicant Tenants- X, X, X, X and X / Respondent Landlord- Y 2011
DR239/2010 Applicant Tenants- Agata Antosiak and Sinisa Petrovic / Respondent Landlord- Craig Mac William 2011
DR254/2010 Applicant Landlord- Susan Campbell / Respondent Tenant- Emma Hannigan 2011
DR266/2010 Applicant Tenant- Waqar Jamil / Respondent Landlord- Y 2011
DR293/2010 Applicant Tenant- Irina Peipane / Respondent Landlord- Marius Mc Nicholas 2011
DR320/2010 Applicant Landlords- Danny Carthy and Jackie Carthy / Respondent Tenant- Kathleen Thorburn 2011
DR325/2010 Applicant Tenants- Andrzej Cymbalista and Magdalena Cymbalista / Respondent Landlord- Mary Hiney 2011
DR34/2010 Applicant Tenant- Julieann McCann / Respondent Landlord- James Quirke 2011
DR342/2010 Applicant Landlord- Aidan Ryan / Respondent Tenant- John Lonergan 2011
DR346/2010 Applicant Tenants- Bruno Perrozzi and Kay Cooney / Respondent Landlords- Y and Y 2011
DR367/2010 Applicant Landlord- Louise Mary Walsh / Respondent Tenants- Richard Sheehan , Leonard Cunneen and Mark Fields 2011
DR392/2010 Applicant Tenants- Kryspin Kopec, Jowita Stepien, Beata Wilk Kowalik and Przemslaw Pawel Kowalik / Respondent Landlords- Breda Maguire and Paddy Maguire 2011
DR394/2010 Applicant Tenants- Mohammad Shoaib Parekh and Mohammad Humair Parekh / Respondent Landlord- Jamie Casells 2011
DR396/2010 Applicant Landlord- X / Respondent Tenant- Mairead Lynch 2011
DR407/2010 Applicant Landlords- Michael O'Neill, Marie O'Neill, Kevin Pigott, Angela Pigott / Respondent Tenants- Yu Yanli and Yin Guan 2011
DR425/2010 Applicant Tenant- Rosemarie O'Leary / Respondent Landlord- Niall Sexton 2011
DR431/2010 Applicant Landlord- Patrick Power / Respondent Tenant- Sarah Johnston Cahill 2011
DR432/2010 Applicant Tenant- Saqib Jahangiri / Respondent Landlord- Y 2011
DR439/2010 Applicant Tenants- Siobhan Ni Chonchuir and Colm Cuddihy / Respondent Landlord- Pat Connellan 2011
DR462/2010 Applicant Tenant- Peter O'Shea / Respondent Landlord- Y 2011
DR464/2010 Applicant Tenants- Niall Burns, Andrew Flood and Niall Clancy / Respondent Landlords- Y and Y 2011
DR466/2010 Applicant Tenants- Alessandra Melis and Ana Meiu / Respondent Landlord- Pascal Conroy 2011
DR483/2010 Applicant Landlord- Khurram Waheed / Respondent Tenant- Gheorghita Careba 2011
DR487/2010 Applicant Tenant- Volha Semanavichene / Respondent Landlord- Willy Kinsella 2011
DR488/2010 Applicant Tenants- Darren McArdle and Taru Ojala / Respondent Landlords- Duncan Banks and Linda Ni Dhuinn 2011
DR500/2010 Applicant Landlord- Paul O'Neill / Respondent Tenant- Brian O' Doherty 2011
DR508/2010 Applicant Landlord- James Finnegan / Respondent Tenant- Rachel Dunne 2011
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