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Adjudication Orders


Content Update  

We have recently upgraded our website and are currently in the process of updating the content. Some Adjudication Orders that were available on the old website may not be available until we have completed this process.

DR No. Parties Subject of Dispute Order Date Determination Order
DR76/2009 Applicant Tenant- Declan Carroll and Cora Flaherty / George Dunne- Respondent Landlord 2010
DR116/2009 Applicant Tenant- Fergus Finn / Respondent Landlord- Helen Meaney 2010
DR124/2009 Applicant Landlord- Woodside Investments / Respondent Tenants- Frank Jan Kamenz and Yvonne Zilch 2010
DR172/2009 Applicant Tenants- Wendy Somers and Damian Ryan / Respondent Landlord- David Hannon 2010
DR183/2009 Applicant Landlord- Sean Heaney / Respondent Tenant- Denise Flaherty 2010
DR186/2009 Applicant Tenant- Shay Kinsella / Respondent Landlord- William Freehill 2010
DR196/2009 Applicant Landlord- Declan Burke / Respondent Tenant- Paul Kearney 2010
DR208/2009 Applicant Tenant- John Gough / Respondent Landlord- Aileen Kelly 2010
DR219/2009 Applicant Tenants - Niall Keher and Antoinette Geoghegan / Respondent Landlord - REMOVED 2010
DR221/2009 Applicant Landlord- Helen Fox / Respondent Tenants- Maria O'Sullivan and Donal O'Sullivan 2010
DR250/2008 & DR990/2008 Applicant / Respondent Tenants- Maurice Prendeville & Mary Conneely / Respondent / Applicant Landlords- Alan Walsh & Melissa Walsh 2010
DR256/2008 Applicant Third Parties- Brendan O'Neill and Claire O'Reilly / Respondent Landlord- Noel O'Reilly 2010
DR306/2009 Applicant Landlord- Sean Windsor / Respondent Tenant- Geraldine Clynch 2010
DR331/2009 Applicant Third Party- Ann Doyle / Respondent Landlord- Melanie Lettis 2010
DR335/2009 Applicant Tenant- Brian Chama / Respondent Landlord- Shiela Martin 2010
DR345/2009 Applicant Tenants- Richard Dooley and Cheryl Dooley / Respondent Landlord- Maria Donnelly 2010
DR377/2008 Applicant Landlord- Sean Barry / Respondent Tenant- Padraig McCourt 2010
DR411/2009 Applicant Tenant - Anuradha Ammal / Respondent Landlord- Maurice McHenry 2010
DR450/2009 & DR782/2009 Applicant / Respondent Landlord- Tom Berill / Respondent / Applicant- Tenant Mark Cunnane 2010
DR466/2009 Applicant Tenant- Princess Okonwo / Respondent Landlord- James Jordan 2010
DR496/2009 Applicant Tenant- Zane Dace / Respondent Landlord- Hugh McLoughlin 2010
DR508/2009 Applicant Landlord- Seamus McEnroe / Respondent Tenant- Michelle Welby 2010
DR524/2009 Applicant Tenants- Mateusz Brudek and Anna Brudek / Respondent Landlord- John Higgins 2010
DR580/2009 Applicant Tenant- Adrian Bucur / Respondent Landlord- Thomas Phelan 2010
DR602/2009 Applicant Tenants- Ben Wang and Bing Wang / Respondent Landlord- Declan Grant 2010
DR613/2009 Applicant Tenant- Cormac Guerin / Respondent Landlord- Lizzie Gore Grimes 2010
DR655/2008 Applicant Tenant- Conor Sheridan / Respondent Landlord- Anne Kelly 2010
DR685/2009 Applicant Tenants- Sukhpreet Kaur and Kailash Kainth / Respondent Landlord- John Dolan 2010
DR690/2009 Applicant Tenants- Ayodeji Algebeleye and Usman Akinade / Respondent Landlords- Peter Creamer and Adam Creamer 2010
DR698/2009 Applicant Tenant- Jessy Jacob / Respondent Landlord- Darren Tyndall 2010
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