Adjudication involves a a formal process of investigation into the issue at dispute through evidence and witnesses.

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Adjudication is a formal and confidential process whereby an appointed adjudicator makes a decision, based on evidence presented by both parties, on the issue of dispute. The decision of the adjudicator is binding, and results in a Determination Order being issues to both parties concerned. A Determination Order gives the outcome of the case and sets out the terms to be complied with and the timescale for compliance. For example, a Determination Order may state that a tenant must pay the landlord rent arrears in a six-month period, or that a landlord must complete required maintenance works on a property within a three-month period. 

Although adjudication proceedings and the adjudicators report are confidential, it is important to remember that the Determination Order will be published on the RTB website and will list the names of the case parties and the rental property address. 

It costs €15 to submit a dispute application for adjudication online, and €25 if an application if a paper application is submitted. 

Either party involved in the adjudication process can appeal to a Tenancy Tribunal. More information on appeals can be found here.