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Dispute Resolution

How the Dispute Process works:

Where possible if a problem does arise, discuss problems promptly. Always keep lines of communication open, listen and be respectful to each others’ requirements. Know your Landlord and Tenant rights and obligations. Make any requests in writing and keep records of all communication.If you are unable to resolve the issue a dispute can then be referred to the RTB.

The RTB has replaced the Courts for the vast majority of Landlord and Tenant disputes.  Due to its quasi-judicial role, the RTB remains strictly impartial and does not provide advice to either party in dispute beyond general information, in relation to the Residential Tenancies Act.

If you are in a dispute with a landlord/tenant or are a third party with a problem neighbour, you can apply to the RTB for dispute resolution. There are two methods of Dispute Resolution available initially.

Mediation: This is the simplest and most efficient option. The aim of Mediation is to give both parties a shared understanding of the problem so they can work towards reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution of the matter. The independent trained Mediator helps both sides of the dispute to reach an agreement. The RTB now offer Telephone Mediation as a convenient way to address disputes quickly and effectively. Telephone Mediation is done at a time convenient to you on the phone when a mediator will work with you separately from the other party to reach a mutually acceptable resolution over a usually short period of time.  Our Telephone Mediation service adds to the ease of mediation as it is convenient.  Most disputes are resolved quickly and without hassle as you only deal directly with the mediator.If the Mediation is not successful, one or both parties can apply to have the dispute dealt with by a Tenancy Tribunal.


Adjudication: At Adjudication, both parties present their evidence to an Independent Adjudicator who makes a determination on the issues in dispute where no agreement can be reached. The Adjudicators decision is binding unless there is an appeal to a Tenancy Tribunal.


There is no fee for Mediation. An application to the RTB for resolving a dispute via Adjudication costs €15 if the application is made online and €25 if the application is sent in by post.

For details on how to submit a Dispute Resolution Application click here.