Customer Announcement

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  • New Online Account and Registration Portal

The RTB is moving to a new online account and registration portal, for landlords and agents only.  This is our second up-date on these changes to our online service.

There is no impact now on how you currently register online.  You can access our online portal in the usual way. 

But if you are due to register a tenancy or have an unpaid draft registration in our current system, we ask you to complete the registration as soon as possible.  When we bring data into the new online system, any drafts will be deleted. 

If you have received a letter from the RTB requesting that you provide missing information, from a registration form already submitted, please respond quickly so we can register the tenancy.

  • Getting Started with the new online registration portal – creating accounts

When our new online service opens, you will need to create a new account when you attempt to register a tenancy.  You will need to provide your PPSN in the normal way, and in addition you will be asked for your Date of Birth.  The RTB will then verify your account, which may take up to 24 hours.  You will then receive an email notification and your account should be ready to use.

If you are a company landlord, you will be asked to link to your CRO number, and a unique PIN will be sent via the post, to your Company Registered address.  That process may take up to 7 days. Once you have that PIN, you will be able to activate your online account.

If you do not have either a PPSN or a CRO, as you may be based outside of Ireland, our customer service agents will be available to assist you in setting up an account, once provided with the relevant information.  We will be sharing more on this shortly.

Verification happens only once.  After that all landlords and agents will use an email login with password, to access their registrations.

The RTB is alerting our customers to the small delay that may be experienced in setting up a verified account for individual landlords, and a longer wait for corporate landlords.  We ask that you consider when you will need to register a tenancy.  Please either register through the existing system, or ensure you have sufficient time to register when our new registration service goes live.

The RTB accepts registrations from 42 days before the Tenancy Commencement Date so you do not have to wait for that date to make a registration.

Remember landlords/agents, you must register your tenancy within a month of the start date of the tenancy and by doing this, you avoid late fees.  

  • Closure Period for Registrations

In the process of changing over from our current online registration system to the new registration service, we will need to take down all online registration facilities.  This is to allow for the full data-migration to the new online registration service.  This closure will potentially be for 9 calendar days.  We will alert you to when this shut-down is due to happen, via our website and Twitter handle, so please monitor these pages. 

If you are a landlord that could not complete your registration due to RTB registration online services not being available, you may incur late fees.  The RTB will refund these late fees, or the RTB can over-ride the late fees, if we are informed that you believe you are being incorrectly charged.  The RTB will manage this on a case-by-case basis.  Further details will follow on this matter.

  • Changes to How you Submit an Online Dispute Resolution Application 

The online dispute resolution applications process is changing over the coming weeks. 

The current online dispute resolution service has not changed and is still open.  You can continue to lodge dispute resolution applications or appeals through this portal.  Please complete and pay for any applications, as any uncomplete applications will not be available once we change our system.

The RTB will launch a new Webform for your dispute resolution applications.  This webform will replace the current online portal.  Once this portal shuts, you will no longer be able to use this portal to lodge or manage your dispute resolution cases.  You will not be able to submit evidence through the portal once it is closed.  You will need to send any evidence to clearly quoting the case reference number (i.e. DRxxxxx)

Once the current dispute resolution portal closes, any appeals must be submitted by paper application. You may post these applications in the normal way or alternatively scan and email these in to .

For now - remember to complete and pay for your applications in the normal way, so the RTB can process it promptly. 

  • Keeping up-to-date with our changing online experience 

Please check this page regularly and monitor our Twitter account @RTBInfo, as the RTB will post up-dates as we transition over to our new online account and registration portal and our new Disputes Webform.


Customer Services Team

4 October 2021