Oireachtas Members’ Queries

This sets out how a Member of the Oireachtas can get information regarding the practices of the RTB

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Please note, as a result of the restrictions in place due to Covid-19 we will not currently be accepting paper based queries. Please ensure all queries are made by e-mail during this period.

How to submit a query

Members of the Oireachtas seeking information relating to the RTB can email their queries to the dedicated email address of OireachtasMembersQueries@rtb.ie.

Our target deadlines for responding to queries from Oireachtas members are:

  • Acknowledgement: 2 working days
  • Substantive reply: 14 working days

How to appeal a response

Should you wish to make an internal appeal, please submit your request to OireachtasMembersQueries@rtb.ie. The appeal will involve a complete reconsideration of the response by a more senior member of RTB staff.

Should you wish to make an external appeal to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, please inform us and it will be brought to the attention of the relevant Department officer.

Feedback and Reporting

The RTB will undertake periodic surveys to obtain feedback from Oireachtas members who avail of this service, and will report annually on compliance with the standards.

The protocol set out above is in compliance with DPER Circular LG(P) 05/16 on the provision of information to Members of the Oireachtas.