About the RTB

What we do

What is the Residential Tenancies Board?

The Residential Tenancies Board, also known as the RTB, is a public body set up to support and develop a well-functioning rental housing sector. Our remit extends to the private rental, Approved Housing Body (AHB) and Student Specific Accommodation sectors.

Our role is to regulate the rental sector, provide information and research to inform policy, maintain a national register of tenancies, resolve disputes between tenants and landlords, initiate an investigation into conduct by a landlord, and provide information to the public to ensure tenancies run smoothly and no issues arise.

Information, Research and Education

The RTB provides high-quality information and assistance to landlords, tenants and the public on their rental rights and responsibilities, both in terms of living in and providing accommodation in the rental sector. We also provide accurate and authoritative data on the rental sector, such as the Quarterly Rent Index, which allows us to monitor trends in the rental sector, but also allows individuals to check and compare rents in particular locations.


All private residential landlords, Approved Housing Bodies (who are not-for-profit housing providers, often referred to as Housing Associations) and landlords of Student Specific Accommodation must register their tenancies with the RTB. You can search to see if a tenancy is registered on the RTB website. The registration of tenancies enables us to collect important data on the sector. It is also a key part of regulating and supporting the sector and ensuring that landlords and tenants are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Dispute Resolution

Since 2004, the RTB replaced the courts in dealing with the majority of disputes between landlords and tenants through our Dispute Resolution Service. This service offers a choice of resolution types to parties – Telephone Mediation or Adjudication – and the option to appeal through a Tenancy Tribunal.

Investigations and Sanctions

The RTB has powers to investigate and sanction landlords who engage in certain breaches of rental law called Improper Conduct, such as increasing the rent by more than is allowed under the calculation set out in the Residential Tenancies Act or ending a tenancy by citing a reason which the landlord did not ultimately act on, amongst others. Investigations can commence either on the basis of information received from a member of the public or proactively by the RTB on the basis of information available to us under the Residential Tenancies Act. Sanctions include a formal written caution and/or a fine of up to €15,000 and/or costs of up to €15,000.