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The RTB was established in 2004 on foot of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). The RTB is an agency of Government with statutory powers. The central role of the RTB is to support the rental housing market and to resolve cheaply and speedily disputes between landlords and tenants, affording protection to both parties without having to resort to the Courts.

As a statutory body, the RTB is responsible for the operation of a national registration system for all private residential tenancies and for all tenancies provided in the Approved Housing Body Sector. These are generally social rented tenancies provided by not for profit housing providers, often referred to as housing associations. One of the core functions of the RTB is also to provide for both tenants and landlords,  a  timely and cost effective dispute resolution service.  As well as this the RTB publishes the rent index  for private rented accommodation, disseminate information, carries  out research and offers policy advice regarding the rental housing sector. The core functions of the Board are illustrated in the diagram here (PDF).


The organisation’s mandate is clearly defined by the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (Section 151), and can be summarised as follows:

  • the resolution of disputes between tenants and landlords;
  • the registration of particulars in respect of tenancies in the residential rented sector;
  • the provision to the Minister of advice concerning policy in relation to the rented sector;
  • the development and publication of guidelines for good practice by those involved in the rented sector;
  • the collection and provision of information relating to the rented sector, including information concerning prevailing rent levels;
  • the conduct of research into the rented sector and monitoring the operation of various aspects of the sector where the Board considers it appropriate;
  • the review of the operation of the Act and any related enactments, and the making of recommendations to the Minister for amendments to same;
  • the performance of any additional functions conferred on the Board

In delivering on its mandate, the organisation is guided by its Mission and Vision statements.


To develop and support a well-regulated residential rental sector in Ireland for the equal benefit of landlords, tenants and society at large through the provision of a high quality national register of tenancies, the provision of modern professional mechanisms to resolve tenancy disputes in a timely cost-effective and equitable manner, and the provision of information and advice which enhance the knowledge and understanding of the sector.


A well-functioning rental housing sector in Ireland that is fair, accessible and beneficial for all.